MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern PDF Download

MP Patwari Syllabus 2023: The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) conducts the MP Patwari recruitment exam every year to select eligible candidates for the post of Patwari in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 is an essential for candidates appearing for the exam, it outlines the topics that will be covered in the test. In this article we will be discussing the MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 in detail, including the various topics that will be covered in the exam and how to prepare for them.

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MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 Important Overview

Recruitment NameMPEB Recruitment 2023
Recruitment organization
Professional Examination Board (MPPEB)
Post NamePatwari and various other posts
Exam LevelState Government
CategoryMP Patwari Syllabus 2023
Mode of ExamOnline
Selection ProcessComputer Based Test
Number of
Job LocationMadhya Pradesh

MP Patwari Exam Pattern 2023

SubjectTotal No. of QuestionsTime Period
General Science, General Hindi, General English, General Mathematics100
General Knowledge & Aptitude (General Computer Knowledge, General Reasoning Ability, General Management100
Total200 3
(Three hours)
General Knowledge/Science25
General English25
General Hindi (Hindi)25
General Maths25
General Computer Knowledge25
General Knowledge and Aptitude25
General Reasoning Ability25
General Management25
  1. The exam paper consists of 200 questions.
  2. Each question carries 1 mark.
  3. There will be no negative marking.
  4. 3 hours will be given to complete the exam.

MP Patwari Syllabus: General Knowledge/ Science

  1. Economics: Economic concepts and theories, national income, money and banking, public finance, and international trade.
  2. Chemistry: Basic concepts of chemistry, elements, compounds, chemical reactions, acids, bases, and salts.
  3. Biology: Basic concepts of biology, cell structure and function, genetics, evolution, and ecology.
  4. Books and Authors: Famous books and authors in the field of literature, history, and other subjects.
  5. History of India and MP: Indian history, culture, and heritage, Indian national movement and the role of leaders in it, history of Madhya Pradesh.
  6. Significant Awards: National and international awards and honors, including Nobel prizes, Oscar awards, etc.
  7. Physics: Basic concepts of physics, including motion, force, energy, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics.
  8. Geography of India and MP: Physical, social, and economic geography of India and Madhya Pradesh.
  9. Important Inventions: Inventions and discoveries in science and technology.
  10. Important Dates: Important dates in Indian and world history, including important events, battles, and treaties.
  11. Politics: Indian politics and governance, political parties, and political leaders.
  12. Art and Culture of MP: Madhya Pradesh’s culture, art, and heritage, including its famous festivals, temples, and monuments.
  13. Current Affairs: National and international news and events, sports, awards, important appointments and resignations, etc.

MP Patwari General Hindi Syllabus 2023

  1. General Hindi: Basic knowledge of Hindi language, including vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.
  2. Hindi and other Indian languages: Knowledge of other Indian languages and their relationship with Hindi.
  3. Basic knowledge of Hindi grammar:
    • Hindi alphabet: Knowledge of Hindi alphabet and their pronunciation.
    • Similar Synonyms: Knowledge of similar synonyms in Hindi.
    • Opposite: Knowledge of opposite words in Hindi.
    • One word instead of multiple meaning phrases: Knowledge of using single word instead of multiple phrases.
    • Homonymous words: Knowledge of Homonymous words in Hindi.
    • Cleaning up bad sentences: Knowledge of correcting grammatically incorrect sentences.
    • Gender: Knowledge of gender in Hindi language.
    • Promises: Knowledge of promise-related words in Hindi.
    • Causative pronoun adjective: Knowledge of causative pronoun adjective in Hindi.
    • Action: Knowledge of Action-related words in Hindi.
    • Era: Knowledge of Era-related words in Hindi.
    • Speech: Knowledge of speech-related words in Hindi.
    • Integral: Knowledge of integral-related words in Hindi.
    • Prefix: Knowledge of prefix in Hindi.
    • Suffix: Knowledge of suffix in Hindi.
    • Treaty: Knowledge of treaty-related words in Hindi.
    • Samas: Knowledge of Samas in Hindi.
    • Punctuation: Knowledge of punctuation in Hindi.
    • Idioms and Proverbs: Knowledge of idioms and proverbs in Hindi.
    • Juice: Knowledge of Juice-related words in Hindi.
    • Rhymes, Ornaments, etc.: Knowledge of rhymes, ornaments, and other literary devices in Hindi.
    • Famous poets, writers and their famous works: Knowledge of famous poets, writers, and their famous works in Hindi literature.
    • Awards: Knowledge of awards related to Hindi literature and language.

MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 General English

  1. Spellings: Knowledge of spellings, including commonly misspelled words.
  2. One word substitution: Knowledge of one word substitution for phrases and idioms.
  3. Sentence Correction: Knowledge of correcting grammatically incorrect sentences.
  4. Active & Passive Voice: Knowledge of active and passive voice in English.
  5. Homonyms: Knowledge of homonyms, words that have the same spelling but different meanings.
  6. Direct & Indirect Speech: Knowledge of direct and indirect speech in English.
  7. Fill in the blanks: Knowledge of completing sentences by filling in the blanks.
  8. Parts of speech: Knowledge of parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.
  9. Synonyms & Anonyms: Knowledge of synonyms and antonyms in English.
  10. Reading comprehension: Knowledge of understanding and interpreting written texts.
  11. Vocabulary: Knowledge of English vocabulary, including words, phrases, and idioms.
  12. Error Spotting: Knowledge of identifying and correcting errors in written texts.
  13. Phrase replacement: Knowledge of replacing phrases with other phrases with similar meanings.
  14. Phrases and Idioms: Knowledge of common phrases and idioms in English.
  15. Detection of miss-spelt words: Knowledge of identifying and correcting misspelled words.

MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 General Math

  1. Decimals and fractions: Knowledge of decimals and fractions, including operations with decimals and fractions.
  2. Square root and cube root: Knowledge of square root and cube root, including solving equations and problems that involve square root and cube root.
  3. Simplification: Knowledge of simplifying mathematical expressions, including simplifying fractions, decimals, and square roots.
  4. L.S. and M.S.: Knowledge of L.S (Least common multiple) and M.S (Greatest common factor) and their usage in solving mathematical problems.
  5. Average: Knowledge of average and its usage in solving mathematical problems, including finding the average of numbers, weights, and other quantities.
  6. Time, speed and distance: Knowledge of time, speed and distance and their relationship, including solving problems that involve time, speed and distance.
  7. Percent: Knowledge of percent and its usage in solving mathematical problems, including finding the percent of a number and converting fractions and decimals to percent.
  8. Profit and Loss: Knowledge of profit and loss, including solving problems that involve profit and loss.
  9. Discount: Knowledge of discount and its usage in solving mathematical problems, including finding the discounted price of an item.
  10. Mensuration: Knowledge of mensuration, including solving problems that involve area, perimeter, and volume.
  11. Number system: Knowledge of number system, including solving problems that involve integers, rational numbers, and real numbers.
  12. Simple and compound interest: Knowledge of simple and compound interest, including solving problems that involve finding the principal, interest, and maturity amount.
  13. Ratio and proportion: Knowledge of ratio and proportion, including solving problems that involve ratios and proportions.
  14. Time and Distance: Knowledge of time and distance and their relationship, including solving problems that involve time and distance.
  15. Partnership: Knowledge of partnership and its usage in solving mathematical problems.

MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 General Knowledge & Aptitude

  1. Events of national and international importance.
  2. Geography of the World Disaster Management, Prevention, and Mitigation Strategies.
  3. Economic development in India.
  4. Indian Politics Governance: Constitutional Issues, Public Policy.
  5. Indian National Movement
  6. economy
  7. history of India
  8. Indian Polity and Culture
  9. Common Sense
  10. Population
  11. Geography of India.
  12. Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection
  13. Socio-economic and political history of modern India.
  14. Sports etc.

MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 General Reasoning Ability

  1. Statement and conclusion
  2. Blood relation
  3. Alphabet based questions
  4. Run test
  5. Word and figure classification
  6. Calendar
  7. Symmetry
  8. Variation
  9. Venn diagram and chart test
  10. Mirror, water reflection
  11. Arithmetic logic
  12. Direction test
  13. Cube
  14. Mathematical aptitude test
  15. Sort out
  16. Input and Output
  17. Fill in the blanks
  18. Statement, assumption etc

MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 Knowledge of Computer

  1. History of computer
  2. Internet access
  3. Operating System.
  4. MS Power-Point – Presentation
  5. MS Excel – Spread Sheets.
  6. Computer software.
  7. E-mail
  8. Word Processing – Questions related to MS Word.

MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 General Management

  1. Unemployment and MNREGA scheme in rural areas
  2. Social inclusion
  3. RTI (Right to Information)
  4. Irrigation Resources and Projects
  5. Various government schemes like crop insurance scheme, village housing scheme, village road scheme.
  6. Mp panchayati raj system
  7. Land reform
  8. Panchayati Raj History
  9. Indian Agricultural System
  10. Rural Welfare Activities
  11. Role of a Revenue Officer
  12. Green Revolution
  13. Basics of Rural Economy, etc.

Questions related to the development of village society will be asked from this topic because a Patwari is an officer of the rural area, and for that this basic knowledge is necessary.

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MP Patwari Syllabus 2023 important Links

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Important Questions Related to MP Patwari exam syllabus 2023

How many total questions will be asked in this exam?

A total of 200 questions will be asked in this exam for 200 marks

How much time will be provided to you in this exam?

A total of 3 (three) hours will be given to you in this exam.

Is there any negative marking in MP Patwari?

No, there is no negative marking in MP Patwari.

How many papers are there in MP Patwari?

There is only 1 paper in MP Patwari.

What is MP Patwari Syllabus?

MP Patwari Syllabus includes subjects like Hindi, English, General Knowledge, General Management, Reasoning.

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